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Clean Power Capital Advances Drought Solutions through Best of Breed Water Technologies

Strategic Financial Advisory firm strengthens its commitment to identifying, advising and funding essential and innovative water technology companies.

SAN FRANCISCO, Calif. (BUSINESS WIRE) – April 28, 2015 – CLEAN POWER CAPITAL (“CPC”) services clients in the accelerating Clean Technology and Renewables markets across a wide array of subsectors; from waste-to-value, energy efficiency including storage and smart grid, to alternative fuels and energy, to water and agriculture (“AG 2.0”). The severity of the drought in the Western United States, particularly in California, has been well publicized: from mandatory water restrictions, the Sierra Nevada’s historically low snow-pack, to the strain on the Colorado River Basin, and motions to have residents pay more while using less water. The dearth in supply has recommitted CPC to advancing innovation in the efficiency, reuse, and production of water.

Despite Sacramento’s efforts, litigation and a lack of enforcement by municipalities on restrictions have hampered policy-driven drought solutions. “The most apt and efficient way to tackle the unprecedented water shortage in the West is through innovation and capitalism,” said Alexander von Welczeck, Managing Partner of Clean Power Capital. While California’s drought has become increasingly dire, Mr. von Welczeck adds, “if anyone is going to solve water challenges through technology , it is California’s venture community. No other place in the world has shown the capability to combine capitalism, technology, and entrepreneurship to solve big challenges .” These mechanisms are embodied in two of CPC’s newest clients, zNano and SkyH2O.

zNano has developed highly innovative onsite “distributed” commercial and industrial water treatment and reuse systems addressing multiple commercial vertical markets that include car washes, laundries as well as food and wine/beer processing centers. “With the ongoing scarcity of water in California, effectively using water recycling and efficiency solutions become critical for industrial water users : zNano’s water reuse systems allows them to do so, as they are the first in world to meet California’s strict recycled water requirements,” said Clean Power Capital’s Executive Director, Morton Irvine Smith. “Incorporating zNano’s systems into water-intensive industries allow for economic benefit on behalf of business owners and drought relief.”
Through proprietary and cost-effective wastewater recycling technology, zNano’s turnkey and cost effective systems can recycle tens of thousands of gallons of clean water daily. “The zNano system is the most viable solution for water-intensive industries as it allows for businesses to reduce their water and sewer bills by up to 80% and provides water that is 85% cleaner than municipal options,” said Mark D. Hill, Managing Partner of Clean Power Capital.

SkyH2O, a utility scale water generating systems and independent water provider, has introduced for the California market a pre-engineered 1,000/ac-ft/year modular utility-grade Atmospheric Water Generating (“AWG”) system that can be fast-track locally installed and producing potable water in under 1-year. SkyH2O’s world-class Atmospheric Water Systems (“AWS”) are uniquely designed for the Western USA with best-of-breed products and is a patented and proven AWG solution. “SkyH2O’s local knowledge, project development and finance and operational expertise is unique and unmatched in the newly emerging utility scale AWG marketplace, and management’s proven ability to team with the best EPC contractors to develop the highest quality AWG systems speaks to the strengths of their internal processes,” said Mark D. Hill, Managing Partner of Clean Power Capital.

The AWG process allows clean water to be produced at any location in a decentralized manner with the advantage of having minimal to no environmental impact. W ith pricing for most applications being lower than other water generating systems, such as desalination and reverse osmosis, AWG can provide the most cost-effective means for municipalities and water districts to address their water shortages at point of need.”

About zNano

zNano offers distributed wastewater remediation systems for Commercial and Industrial (C&I) applications. Through a revolutionary onsite water treatmentand reuse plant, the zNano Water Filtration Systems provide water-intensive businesses with immediate cost savings with improved water quality. Only with zNano can C&I water users produce water onsite that is both lower in cost and higher quality than the tap water provided by municipalities. The cost effectiveness and quality of zNano’s pioneering systems offer a clear choice as both a drought solution and for business owners by improving efficiency in operations amid dramatic shifts in public policy.
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About Sky H2O (SkyH2O)

Sky H2O, Inc. (SkyH2O) is a California-based utility scale water generating systems and independent water provider (“IWP”) that is leading the way in streamlining the adoption of atmospheric water generating (“AWG”) systems for water districts and municipalities and large commercial and industrial water users across the Western USA. Combining the financing strength of Water Purchase Agreements (“WPA”) with the expertise and best practices of top EPC construction, SkyH2O provides its customers a clear path to water security.

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CLEAN POWER CAPITAL is a private investment bank committed to servicing clients in the accelerating Clean Technology and Renewables markets across a wide array of subsectors; from waste-to-value, energy efficiency and storage, smart grid, to water, and alternative fuels to renewable geothermal, hydro, solar and wind energy among others.

The firm prides itself for on providing well-structured Corporate and Project financing by accessing the international finance markets to ensure the most competitive and strategic sources for debt, equity and tax equity investment on behalf of our clients. CPC specializes in finding optimum solutions in financing both private and public companies with growth capital needs of $5 million to over $100 million, as well as projects and project portfolios with financing needs of $20 million to over $500 million. Our experienced senior banking team have provided lending services and participated in funding Technology businesses and Renewable projects totaling over $2.1 billion for growth capital, working capital, assets, licensing, mergers & acquisitions (M&A), Initial Public Offerings (IPO), and other financing events.

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