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STW Water Secures CLEAN POWER CAPITAL for Strategic and Financial Advisory for Project Financing

Strategic Financial Advisory firm (“CPC”) strengthens its commitment to identifying, advising and funding essential water projects by engaging with STW Water to finance over $400 million in water projects across Texas.

SAN FRANCISCO, Calif. (BUSINESS WIRE) – October 10, 2014 – CLEAN POWER CAPITAL (“CPC”) services clients in the accelerating Clean Technology and Renewables markets with a focus on water companies and projects. Recently, Global Water Intelligence reported that the total addressable market for water is estimated to be a $360 billion-dollar industry.

CPC plans to provide STW Water with more than $400 million in project financing by the end of 2015 that is anticipated to be accretive to STW Water shareholders.  This well-structured financing will be available to STW Water qualified projects based in strategic locations throughout Texas with municipal and industrial water off-takers (customers).

“We are pleased to strengthen our ongoing focus and commitment to supporting viable, innovative solutions that address the need for water sustainability, an emerging global issue that’s particularly acute in Texas, by contracting with STW Water. The STW Water team has an extensive expertise in the water industry and the technologies needed to address water desal and contamination issues. We are pleased to have the opportunity of working with them.” said Morton Irvine Smith, Executive Director at CPC and whose family has supported many Global water initiatives for decades.

STW Resources Holding Corp CEO Stanley Weiner adds, “We have been aware of CPC’s expertise in project financing, as well as their knowledge and deep relationships in the water industry.   STW Water is excited to be working with CPC who have demonstrated non-dilutive financing solutions for Renewable projects and are committed to finding similarly innovative financing solutions to help accelerate innovative water projects.

About STW Resources Holding Corp.

STW Resources Holdings Corp. consults and provides customized water analysis, reclamation and remediation services to a variety of complex oil and gas produced and flowback water, brackish water, industrial, and municipal applications throughout several geographic locations. As an independent solutions provider, STW utilizes proven technologies, from various well-known manufacturers, including Salttech, a Zero Liquid Discharge (ZLD) technology that is economically feasible to use. Utilizing this technology, approximately 95%+ of the fresh water is recovered from seawater and oilfield waters. When utilized to process the brine reject from reverse osmosis systems, 95%+ of the fresh water is recovered. This eliminates the need to dispose of the liquid brine reject by injecting it down salt water disposal wells or discharging into the ocean that could potentially disrupt and harm the   environmentally sensitive ecosystems. These technologies are available as fixed or mobile units with varying capabilities. STW's process ensures that the most effective and efficient technologies are implemented. Current potential project locations include seawater desal projects on the Texas Gulf Coast and oilfield and brackish water processing in the Eagle Ford Shale (TX), the west Texas Delaware and Permian Basins (TX), and eastern New Mexico.  STW is also involved in the oilfield dirt construction business providing roads, pits, locations, and water pond construction. It also offers evaporation covers for the elimination of evaporation on frack ponds used throughout the oilfield.  Evaporation causes the operators millions of dollars in losses annually. Covering the ponds is a conservational and economic method of preserving one of our natural resources and can be floated on to existing ponds or installed during construction.  It also eliminates algae growth, doubles as a bird net, and reduces erosion of pond infrastructure. High quality liners with fusion-welded seams, quality control testing including air tests of seams and destruction testing are also standard. STW Energy, a subsidiary of STW Resources Holding Corp, offers a turnkey rig washing service. STW services include roustabout services for several major oil and gas producers too. STW’s Pipeline Maintenance & Construction division aids oil & gas companies in connecting new wells so the oil & gas can be sold to market and helps maintain the integrity of their existing pipeline infrastructure.

STW Water Process & Technologies
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STW Resources Holding
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CLEAN POWER CAPITAL (“CPC”) is a private investment bank committed to servicing clients in the accelerating Clean Technology and Renewables markets across a wide array of subsectors; from waste-to-value, energy efficiency and storage, smart grid, to water, and alternative fuels to renewable geothermal, hydro, solar and wind energy among others.

The firm prides itself on providing well-structured Corporate and Project financing by accessing the international finance markets to ensure the most competitive and strategic sources for debt, equity and tax equity investment on behalf of our clients. CPC specializes in finding optimum solutions in financing for both private and public companies with growth capital needs of $5 million to over $100 million, as well as projects and project portfolios with financing needs of $20 million to over $500 million. Our experienced senior banking team have provided lending services and participated in funding Technology businesses and Renewable projects totaling over $2.1 billion for growth capital, working capital, assets, licensing, mergers & acquisitions (M&A), Initial Public Offerings (IPO), and other financing events.

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